Wednesday, January 9, 2013

USA2012: Freedom in San Francisco (Part 9)

Since we didn't opt to join the rest for the rest of the San Francisco day tour, we were dropped off at Chinatown and given close to 4 hours to spend our time.

Not knowing that a shopping mall was in the other direction AND my parents' craving for Asian food, we continued to wander down Chinatown.
While Chinatown is somewhere a tour guide may recommend, in my opinion, if you've been to China, you don't need to see Chinatown. I was both shocked and amazed by how the Chinese have been able to replicate the shops, interactions and even smells into something I would have experience if I had been in China!
Well, I guess it's called Chinatown for a reason.

#TravelerTip: If you've been to China, you don't need to see Chinatown in San Francisco

Those four hours were mostly mindless strolling and occasionally entering gift shops.
The best thing that happened in those four hours was me stepping into a bookshop. Like most bookshops, I feel a sense of ease and comfort when I'm surrounded by books. It's as if I can hide myself in those books and be someone I'm not for a moment or two.
It was obvious the bookshop wasn't your big chain stores, but something more unique. I've always been fascinated by small bookstores when I read about them in books, and to actually be in one...
I'm digressing. It feels good to actually be in a bookstore where you don't see stacks of The Hunger Games lying around, and instead find various titles about topics like literature, drama and film. Of course, with their Fiction section containing more matured selections as well. Not forgetting the posters donning the glass of the bookstore of upcoming events the store caters to. Makes me wish I owned something like that too. #booknerd

Someday. Someday I'd find my way to live in a city like that, to go to indie bookstores every other day, to enjoy dinner in a foreign city. To experience more.
After all, life is only so short, and youth is not something we can keep forever.


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