Saturday, January 26, 2013

The BLAZics. Grunge is me. (Part 3)

Finally! The last part of the BLAZics series (see Part 1 and Part 2 here)! Obviously, I've saved the best for the last, and this post contains some possible secrets...

I've blogged about Grunge Styles before (click link if you haven't read), and it currently stands as my favorite style AND my personal dressing style. Blazers always look so formal and clean cut, but blazers are one of the key elements you should have to pull off the grunge look perfectly!

Remember this look from Sugarplummed (The BLAZics Part 2)?

By changing up the bottom and the accessories, you can get a grunge look with a Rockstar vibe!
Navy Blazer from Forever 21
Back spaghetti strap from Forever 21
Red ripped shorts from Forever 21
Silver chain earrings from Forever 21
Silver rings from Mphasis
Black shades from ASOS

Top the above with some boots and you're good to go! (PS. The boots I had in mind are something as shown below!)
Tip #1:  Boots can add spice into any outfit! Just remember, boots are a statement piece. Try to avoid over accessorizing when wearing boots.

The next few sets I'm a little skeptical about posting. Why? Because the blazer is going on my Chinese New Year 'TO WEAR' list. Which means, some of the coordinates below MAY BE what I'd end up wearing on CNY. Which means, all of you know the secret to my CNY clothes... (and that's something sacred that I avoid telling anyone every year! So it's a big deal!)
CNY is my competitive streak in fashion. I put on something I believe showcases ME the best. I want to look good. The best in fact. Thus the high secrecy of clothes. But anyway, back to GRUNGE.

Grunge goes back when matched with clothes with lots of prints. big prints or printed all over works. When working with a plain black blazer, it's good to utilize this knowledge and bring on the prints! (Don't go overboard though!)

Black Long Blazer from Forever 21
Black ripped denim shorts from Cotton On
Leopard print tank top from Supre
Winged necklace from The Editors' Market
Spiked hoop earrings from Forever 21
Skull gold ring from Lovisa
Winged gold ring from The Editors' Market
Black shades from ASOS

Tip #2:The grunge look is best worn with printed tops. Leopard prints, cartoon prints, anything. As long as it's big and it takes up most of the space on your top. (But remember to tone down the rest of your outfit!)

Tees are not boring. Especially true when you wear them grunge!
XMEN tee from Universal Studios Hollywood
Studded denim shorts from New Look
Black shades from ASOS
Gold winged earrings from Lovisa
Gold eagle wristlet from Diva
Gold crucifix ring from Lovisa
Jade green gem ring from Diva

 Of course, if you're more daring and love colors...

Colorful beaded necklaces from China
Tribal print iPhone case from

Of course, these are just some coordinates that I put together for The BLAZics series! Feel free to recreate any outfits to suit your own personal style!
This may be the end of this series, but do stay on to read my blog for more upcoming series, reviews and tiny tidbits of my life!

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 'the making of' The BLAZics series:

Till next time!
xoxo pamela

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