Saturday, January 12, 2013

A craving for BUTTEREDGUN.

Sometimes, I love to shop in the confines of my own home. It's either because I'm super bored and start browsing around for things that catch my eye, or school's kicking my butt and I don't have time to head down to town for a trip. SO, I start my shopping therapy with... BLOGSHOPS.

Ask me to buy something off the web 5 years ago and I would tell you you're crazy, but now, online shopping can be found everywhere! Not only that, you can find almost anything you want online! From clothes to shoes to accessories and even makeup!
Needless to say, I was happily (or boredly) browsing through the web when I came across BUTTEREDGUN.

Then, I saw their collection and backorders on their site and I fell in love with BUTTEREDGUN instantly. It's love at first sight! (Or drooling at their collection at first sight!)

BUTTEREDGUN carries various styles of clothes in their collection, from sassy to downright grunge (which is me, thus the love.).
Then just awhile ago, BUTTEREDGUN just launched a sneak into their latest collection on Facebook and I must say, it's looking downright fantabulous.

Here are some of their latest items that caught my (forever loving fashion) eye:

 I don't like Bart Simpson, but I just love the designs! I'm picturing a grunge look on them right now! If you wonder how the black lace bandage skirt can be grunge, think of a printed tee/tank with it and coupled over with a baseball bomber jacket, a hoodie or a long blazer.

 BUT BUT BUT, my FAVORITE would have to go to the Braided Backpacks in this new collection! I love the pink, but truth be told, I love all the colors of these braided backpacks and am dying to get my hands on them! (Especially obvious if you follow me on Instagram)

Like what you see?
Here's what you can do to stand a chance at winning an item or two from BUTTEREDGUN's C128:
3) LIKE and SHARE as many pictures under this collection album and comment with “I WANT THIS!”

In addition, BUTTEREDGUN gives away 10 $20 shopping vouchers every month!!
Before you go on a LIKE and SHARE rampage (like I did), remember to comment under the album with “ I love ” after liking and sharing the album!

Loving BUTTEREDGUN so far? Remember to check BUTTEREDGUN's blogshop and follow BUTTEREDGUN on
for regular updates on their collections!

Disclaimer: All the above pictures belong to BUTTEREDGUN and I hold no credits and rights to them!

Happy shopping everyone!
xoxo pamela

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