Thursday, January 17, 2013

Music Review: The Mid-Summer Classic

I just realized I forgot the 'Music Review' header in my past 2 reviews, but it's tagged under it so you can still check them out if you haven't.

Today's band seems to be a little more successful than the previous few if I base them purely on their followers and subscribers. Nonetheless, all good, well-deserving bands deserve to get a review!

When I checked out The Mid-Summer Classic's YouTube, the first thing I noticed was this really cute guy, who happens to also be their lead singer, Robert Dobbs. He's my new eyecandy! (He reminds me a bit of Billie Joe from Green Day though...) #cute #eyecandy
Check him out here:

Since this is ultimately a music review, I'm going to get to the music part now. The pop elements in the song are amazing, and I find myself really enjoying the sound of Robert Dobbs' voice (not just his looks). Of course, they do have a few other songs on their YouTube page, and you simply HAVE TO check out the rest of their songs because they're just that wonderful:

I'm completely a fan of The Mid-Summer Classic!
Personally, I love how Robert Dobbs has so much control of his voice, his tone and how he can sound completely different when he goes from Delanie to We Had It All. Also, I love how The Mid-Summer Classic manages to be able to adapt themselves to different genres of music and still sound completely like themselves.

I'd say that The Mid-Summer Classic is one band that sounds really professional and could really make it big out there among bands like All Time Low in the near future. I mean, I'm already prepared to buy their music, their album, you name it (I can't at the moment because I live on this tiny island called Singapore and my iTunes store won't let me buy something from the US store. GRRR..)!

Of course, its no wonder how they managed to get that many followers once you get a glimpse of their music. Not to mention the number of hearts they have captured when you actually see them. Pop and Rock are my two favorite genres in music in the meantime so obviously they'll get a rating of:

Did you honestly think I'd give them any less? I'm loving every song of theirs that I get to hear and the only thing I don't like is not being able to download their music on iTunes!

To The Mid-Summer Classic: I am so glad Robert Dobbs followed me on Twitter so I had a chance to discover what an AMAZING band you are! I'm utterly and completely a fan of yours and I love you guys so so SOOO MUCH! xoxo

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