Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eventful Week.

I know it's been all reviews, movie news and fashion recently, but nonetheless, this is still my blog.
Like the title says, this week has been an eventful week. I've made a couple of new friends, got the modules I wanted (and timeslots for most)...

Some special things to note would be..

1. Me conquering FALSIES.

Fine. Laugh at the idiot. I never knew how to put falsies until now. Initially, I was thinking if I should do up a post called 'Falsies for Idiots', but I think that day wasn't a good day. Besides, I used glitter on my tearduct/bottom lid and clearly I don't pull the bottom glitter look well. I'm the dark eyeliner kind of girl! HA!

2. Thank You Notes
Of course, with my reviews, it's great when a band replies back to tell me that they loved the review! Makes me feel good as someone who reviews music and also feel that my efforts are recognized! Below are some of the bands who have given me credits and thanked me for the reviews:

I can't be more thankful that they appreciated the reviews even though I'm just starting out as a blogger. It's always good to be recognized and encouraged. I can tell everyone that.


To be fair, nature did not take this course. I actually did what every fangirl would do and asked him to follow me multiple times on Twitter. HEY! Don't judge. It worked. And it was the happiest day of my life. Best thing bout that morning's that John followed me, Could it be that this was meant to happen now? (hehehe. try singing the previous sentence and tweet me its title...) I don't need it to be night to fall for him over again. I'm doing it every minute of my life. I LOVEEE Secondhand Serenade and I LOVEEE John Vesely. (Maybe I'll do a post on Secondhand Serenade...)


As per my usual, I'm going to do reviews on them even though they're verified. I love these bands (since I've listened to them, so do wait for their posts! Or check them out yourselves if you have the time!) I'm not talking much about them for now, but I will be in their music reviews soon so you'll hear everything I have to say then. Till then, wait.


 It doesn't get cooler than this. I have The Roxy Theatre on my followers list! Since I don't really live in Hollywood, I first heard of The Roxy on The Voice when Adam Levine mentioned how he didn't like The Roxy. But since Adam Levine doesn't read this blog and doesn't even know of its existence, and beggars can't be choosers, I love the fact that they're following me!

So you see, this week has been crazy eventful. Where I got happy most of the days, reaffirmed some things about myself, made a few new friends, and reacquainted myself with some others I haven't seen since the holidays.

Please ignore my bad complexion.

Till next time my readers!
xoxo pamela

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