Monday, January 14, 2013

Princes Galore. (Voltage Romance Sims)

Ever wondered how it would feel to fall in love with a deliciously handsome looking prince? Wanted to have some time on your hand to read a romance novel and fall in love with the leading guy?

Here's an answer to the problems of the modern day romantic:


What are visual novels?
They're something like manga, but on a smartphone/computer screen! In fact, visual novels are better than your romance novels! Visual novels give you the chance to decide how your story turns out and how the other characters react to your choices in these stories. So finally, us romantics have a say in a  romance story!

Late last year, VOLTAGE Inc. released an English version of their game 'BE MY PRINCESS' for iPhone and android users. I've been hooked on their other visual novels, but this one is the one I can't NOT tell you about.
We've always been fed stories of princes and storybook girls turning into princesses when they find their prince (and this could be the cause of the romantics syndrome). BUT we all know not everyone finds a prince and that only exists in stories.

BE MY PRINCESS is exactly the story you need to immerse yourself into a land where everyone gets princes and ends up the princess. With deliciously handsome princes who are sometimes sweet, caring and other times pissing you off, the game provides you a 'realistic' modern storyline with the prince of your choice!

Each story goes at USD$3.99 (1 Story = 1 Prince), but you can try the game out for FREE with the preview of every game going at NO COST!

I've played everything in this application and I can't even decide which prince I like best! They all have such charming, intriguing characters that come with different backgrounds that you'll simply fall in love with each one of them once you start the game! Also, all game characters are drawn like those in Japanese Manga, so they're certified good looking!

Less talk, more charming guys, so here are some scenes you can get as you go through the games!

Some tips:

  • If you like a sweet guy who's always nice to you, pick Prince Roberto or Prince Edward. Both of them sure know how to be sweet and charming to a girl.
  • If you want a story where you end up with your first love, pick Prince Glenn. (It's one of my favorites if you must know)
  • If you want a story where your prince only warms up to you after some time, but is actually a really nice guy, pick Prince Wilfred
  • If you want the bad boy of the bunch, the one who mocks you and pisses you off on a regular basis, pick Prince Keith (he turns out nice in the end...)
  • If you want the prince who's really caring but just never learnt how to be close to someone before, pick Prince Joshua (MY FAVORITE!!! and he's the prince with purple hair. Most good looking one in my books...)
What are you still doing here! Go download BE MY PRINCESS and other applications by Voltage Inc from the links in their Facebook Page HERE!!
Then we can trade pointers and tips! hehehe.

Happy playing!
xoxo (princess) pamela

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