Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Romance. A beautiful story.

I'm a sucker for romance. Romance novels, Romantic movies, Romance comedies... You name it.

In spite of this, I have my own reservations when I think about Romance in reality.
Things in movies and books never happen. How can someone even have such a grand romantic life like in the movies?
**starts playing Katy Perry's 'Not Like The Movies'**

Then recently (in case you haven't seen it), a beautiful romantic gesture touched me.

 I guess things really happen like the movies huh. It's a wedding speech, yes, but I'd say it's a love song to everyone Tom Fletcher sang it to. Not only for his wife, but to the boys in Mcfly, his family members and whoever else he mentions.

After watching, it makes me wonder if I'm really wrong on my take on Romance. Maybe things really happen like they do in movies and books every once in a while. I don't need grand romantic gestures... It's the mindset of the person doing it that counts.

Guess I'm still a romantic after all. (But I'm not out writing love songs about them then break up songs after, so I'm pretty safe I guess!)

Here's a selfie before I go:

Stay safe my darlings!


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