Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm getting Ruby Eyes

Seems like following all my favorite bands on Twitter is a good thing because I now have so many other bands/artists to review!

One of the bands I've found is called... you guessed it. Ruby Eyes.

If I had to pick my favorite genre in music, it'd be ROCK, so you got my vote with those hard rock beats from your music, boys.

First thing I do when I review a band is to check out their website, Facebook or YouTube. As long as I get a channel to listen to their music. Ruby Eyes released their debut EP on iTunes mid last year and released their music video for Chance City around that same time frame.

Personally (no offense intended), I feel that the vocals are not strong enough for Chance City and the guitar solo isn't doing it for me. I would have loved the solo a lot better if it was faster... But I must admit, Chance City does have a good riff and beat to it!

In spite of this, I must say I love the lead singer's voice. He reminds me a bit of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, and yet, the music these two bands produce are relatively different. Although I can say that Chance City isn't one of my favorite songs, Ruby Eyes do have some rather promising songs that I feel you should check out:

Ruby Eyes may not have captured my heart in their music yet, but I'd say that this band does have the potential to make it bigger and better with some fine-tuning to their music. Chance City may not be impressive, but I do find myself liking White Flag Serenade and Social Spasm (and I especially like the guitar solo in White Flag Serenade).

Nonetheless, when you have a band of delicious looking men and a frontman with a great, classic rock voice, I'd give them a
Good, but there's definitely room for improvement.

When it comes to rock music (for me), I like to look out for the frontman's vocals and the guitar solos. I love classic rock and was SOO happy to realize that I can still find bands out there who do produce such kinds of rock music!

For my dearest readers, in spite of what you just read, give their music a real shot! After all, these are just my thoughts and yours could be different!

To the members of Ruby Eyes, I DO like your genre of music and I especially love the voice of your frontman. I believe you can make it big, but these are just some thoughts I penned down when I heard your music. No ill intentions intended! x (PS. I'm sorry I didn't get your names! :x )

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