Saturday, January 19, 2013

The BLAZics. Sugarplummed. (Part 2)

In this part of The BLAZics series (read part one here), I'll show you all the sweeter, girlier styles you can get from this wardrobe basic, The Blazer.

The schoolgirl is a timepiece classic that everyone CAN take on. It's sweet, innocent and can be girly. Who says school uniforms are boring?
Navy Blazer with Crest from Forever 21
Black spaghetti strap from Forever 21
Yellow lace bandage skirt from ASOS
Vintage gold earrings from
Gold chain necklace from Forever 21

Tip #1: Sometimes throwing on a bright colored piece of clothing/accessory can make your entire outfit that much more outstanding!

This next look is one I absolutely LOVE. It's perfect for a day out AND perfect for you to wear on dates. It's clean, chic and trendy.

Cream Blazer from Forever 21
Cream spaghetti strap from Forever 21
Red hearts all over shorts from ASOS
Gold chain necklace from Forever 21
Red gem earrings from
Gold cross ring from Lovisa
Red lips ring from Diva
Black shades from ASOS

Think that outfit is a little too sophisticated for you? Change up the gold for some colorful beads to wear on your neck or your hands!

Colorful beaded necklaces/bracelet from China

Tip #2: Nothing determines what an accessory is. Switch up your necklace and turn it into a beautiful set of bracelets by coiling it around your hand!

You don't need to be sweet with hearts and lace! Prints can give you that same sugarplum, sweet look, with an edge!
Pink Blazer from Cotton On
Black spaghetti strap from Forever 21
Jade green earrings from Forever 21
Gold cross ring from Lovisa
Orange tiger print bandage skirt from Supre

Tip #3: Color contrasts in an outfit is good! Just don't mix too many colors into it, you don't want to look like a clown!

And everyone's favorite... Leopard prints!
Multicolored leopard print bandage skirt from Supre
Sapphire blue dangling earrings from Forever 21
Colorful beaded necklaces from China

Be that charming, sweet girl or the edgy sugarplum with some of the looks I have created above!
There's one last post in this series and it's coming up soon! Do check out this space for it and more fashion posts and other tidbits of my life!

In the meantime, stay safe sugarplums!
xoxo pamela

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