Thursday, January 10, 2013

Music Review: In love with THE ROYAL

I love music. I love it when I find music that everyone else isn't listening to. So, when a band named The Royal followed me on twitter, I decided to give them a shot and check them out. Hey, you never know what talents you may find from the internet.

Usually I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to starting out bands because:
Their music isn't that outstanding... yet.

I'm really picky when it comes to good music, and even one of my favorite voices ever, Christina Aguilera, did not make the cut with her latest album, Lotus.
So, I was pleasantly shocked to find myself liking The Royal's latest single, 'Girl Like That'! Check it out below!

If you like Pop/Rock bands like Maroon 5, All Time Low or Allstar Weekend, I'm sure you'd love The Royal! Actually, Seann Bowe (Lead Singer of The Royal)'s voice reminds me a bit of Alex Gaskarth's from All Time Low! I hate comparisons, but I mean this in a really good way. (Because All Time Low has to be one of my favorite bands EVER.)

With 'Girl Like That' sporting pop beats, I'd say that The Royal will be able to distinguish themselves from All Time Low, so there's no comparison on my part.
If you're not up for something so upbeat, check out Seann Bowe's version of 'Die Young' by Ke$ha. Why should you? Because if a sucker for good music like me can't stop playing his version of Die Young, he has to have a pretty awesome voice. Especially so because I had The Royal's music stuck on my mind all day long! (I've been dying to tell everyone about them!)

In terms of band rating, I give the band:
4/5! I'd give them a 5, but since they haven't released a lot of music yet, I'm withholding my last crown until I hear more music from them! I mean, if they keep up the work with what they did on 'Girl Like That' and 'Die Young', I'd say they have the potential to make it bigger in my book!

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