Sunday, January 13, 2013

The BLAZics. Workerholicism. (Part 1)

 Be it guy or girl, man or woman, male or female, the one thing that we will hear of when it comes to clothes is the BLAZER. It's such a basic I think everyone probably has one lying around somewhere, and if you don't, I'll tell you exactly WHY you should be getting blazers in a bit.

Us girls always have to fuss over work wear and casual wear, and having two entirely separate ranges of clothes for each clearly does not do good to our wardrobes... and our wallets.
I've always found the blazer to be a chic piece of clothing. Simple, classy, and yet, so entirely versatile. My mom doesn't believe me every single time I pick out a blazer at a fashion boutique, but in today's post, I'm going to show you exactly how versatile a blazer can be.

Be the Workerholic.
You don't have to go to work in a black blazer to look formal! Throw on some coordinates like these to spice up your workwear!

Gray Blazer with silver sequins from Wasabees
Black spaghetti strap from Forever 21
Monochrome dog-tooth flare skirt from Forever 21
Mickey necklace from Disneyland Hong Kong
Heart earrings from Accessorize

Tip #1: Accessories are the best thing that's ever created. Use them wisely.

As you throw that on on a workday, switch up the same piece by mixing it up with a whole different set of accessories for a weekend date look!
Shades from ASOS
Rings from Mphasis
Chain earrings from Forever 21

Black is chic, but sometimes it gets a bit boring to be in black all the time. Spice up your work wear with a bright pink blazer (or any bright color you like that suits you) and keep your accessories to a minimum!
Pink Blazer from Cotton On
Black spaghetti strap from Forever 21
Black bandage skirt from Forever 21
Jade green earrings from Forever 21
Crucifix ring from Lovisa

Tip #2: When wearing a bright colored blazer, keep your accessories to a minimum! Your centerpiece should be the blazer! Besides, you don't want to be a walking neon sign/Christmas tree

Singapore gets pretty hot, so sometimes, its good to keep a thinner blazer in your wardrobe for these times... Also, try a lighter color. It's supposed to reflect some heat off you. (If I recall from my science lessons when I was 13)
Cream Blazer from Forever 21
Black playsuit from ASOS
Gold statement necklace from Forever 21
Chandelier earrings from Forever 21
Gold with pink gem ring from Diva

Similarly, you can spice up the same clothes for a more vibrant weekend look with a change in accessories!
Black shades from ASOS
Gold crucifix ring from Lovisa
Red lips ring from Diva
Red earrings from
Colorful beaded necklaces from China

See how many different styles blazers can give you? And these are just some of my coordinates for workwear!

Keep checking back for Part 2 of The BLAZics where I bring you more styles with this same wardrobe basic!

xoxo pamela

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