Friday, January 18, 2013

Jack Sparrow Resurfacing!

School started, and as usual, I hate almost everything there is about school. The early mornings, the readings, the classes and the forever dreaded homework. For the first week of school, I'd say this one thing brought a smile to my face now that it's almost the end of the week.


It has been announced not too long ago that Johnny Depp has confirmed that he will be playing his famous role, Jack Sparrow in the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean that is due to hit our theaters July 2015.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the few movie franchises that I follow very closely, especially because of the witty and gorgeous looking Jack Sparrow. (Nope. I don't care if Johnny Depp is old enough to be my dad. He's still hot, and hot dudes don't age. For now.)

When I initially thought of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Depp, it's unimaginable. In fact, if they DID produce a movie without him, chances are I'd boycott the entire chain and I don't care if it's under Disney.

Come on, anyone who follows this movie franchise would know that Jack Sparrow is the life of the movie, and Johnny Depp is THAT GUY who managed to turn a stinky, obnoxious pirate into something so utterly sexy, witty and irresistible. He's the one who breathes life into Pirates of the Caribbean and it simply WILL NOT do without him. (Mind my caps, this is touchy.)

Back to topic. This next film will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who has produced the all four movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, along with other notable movies such as Pearl Harbor, Prince of Persia and the National Treasure franchise.

Along with Bruckheimer is Jeff Nathanson who has been hired by Bruckheimer as the screenwriter for the next installment. Jeff Nathanson has been known for his works with his most notable one being co-writing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull alongside George Lucas.

As of now, the script for this fifth installment has yet to be written and filming is set to commence in 2014. (Which is SOOOO LONGGG by fangirl standards!)

However, with Bruckheimer and Nathanson having such spectacular resumes and the fact that Bruckheimer has never disappointed me when it comes to a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I'd give this movie a Worth Waiting For rating of:

I'm a fan, don't judge, but I AM fair when it comes to rating. (Like how I said I wasn't enjoying Timberlake's new song even though I'm a fan of his.)

What do you think of a fifth installment in this series? Is it going to be worth the wait? Would you wait it out to catch this movie in theaters come 2015?
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Disclaimer: All picture credits in this post goes to Disney and I hold no copyrights to these materials. (PS. Isn't Johnny Depp so f-ing HOT?!!)

xoxo pamela

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