Wednesday, February 26, 2014

치즈! 치즈! 치즈! (Read: chi-jeu, Translated: Cheese) (Korea Trip 2013)

Visiting the Cheese School before leaving for the ski resort!
(PS. I was holding a box of cheese I 'made')

It all started with pizza making at the cheese school… Another moment my mom can include in her 'Pamela actually bothered making food' moment. 

Breaking the curd into bits and pieces 

Stretch, stretch, STRETCH! x3 

Now watch the process of my red hair fading. At least it was a nice ombre shade then… (it's kind of ginger-ish now) 

Does this count as sledding? LOL. I owned the competition either way. 

Pizza after it was cooked! +it was our lunch

Farms we passed on the way to the ski resort... 

Dinner! Meat~~~ <3

Why I went to a cheese school when I'm in Korea is still beyond me, but I'd say it was the one fun thing before we had this LONGGGGGGG ride to the ski resort. My butt hurts just thinking about it. (Shudders)

Anyway, as you saw from the pictures, we did quite a number of things at the cheese school. We could actually feed calfs milk, but considering my aversion to animals, I decided not to feed any. Maybe I missed out on my one opportunity to feed a calf, but I'll live.

Sadly, for this day, this is really all I can say about it.
Well, you know they say a picture paints a thousand words…

Till next time!


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