Thursday, February 13, 2014

A day in 제주 (Read: Jeju) (Korea Trip 2013)

 Visiting the 제주민속촌박물관 (Jeju Folk Village Museum) first thing in the morning... Shivering as I made my way from the bus...

 Picking tangerines in a farm

The trick to picking the sweetest tangerines: Pick the smallest ones.
This little tip was given to us by our Korean tour guide who told us the bigger oranges tend to be less sweet. Now you know it too!

 Be prepared to snap lots of pictures as you move around the Trick Art Museum!

 Of course, every girl wants to be an Angel. (Be it a VS Angel or otherwise)

 And I personally like the details on this wing. Look at the colors! (Oh well, guess I ain't that angelic after all...)

 Give yourself a scare when you find yourself looking like your brother! :O

 After taking all the pictures in the Trick Art Museum, we remembered to check the outside area...

I felt as if I was in Africa with the elephants. LOL.

Lunch! Barbequed black pork! I don't mean to be racist, but it comes from the black pig that people used to rear in Jeju during the Joseon period. It's said to be more tender than the usual pork, but I don't really care. It's barbequed meat! <3

This is really just part of the day we spent in Jeju... The Folk Village Museum is actually where they filmed 대장금 (Jewel in the Palace, or better known as 大長今). It's said that they will be back to film a sequel later this year, so if you're lucky, you may catch them filming Lee Young Ae!

Nonetheless, we concluded that the people banished into the folk villages in Jeju were super intelligent. They found a way to prevent snakes from entering their homes (by rearing black pigs) and found a way to heat their homes and cook without chimneys or areas emitting smoke! (This saved them from invasions by the Japanese because the villages seemed deserted without smoke) Geniuses! That's what they are!

The rest is pretty self explanatory with the photos... Heh.

xoxo pamela

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