Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chinese New Year was here

As usual, I'm the queen of being late. Even when it's time to blog about Chinese New Year.
There are some phases every Sinaporean Chinese family will have to pass, but then again, each phase is probably unique to each family.

You know it's coming when your kitchen starts smelling like delicious cookies you only savor once a year that do wonders to your diet. (and I didn't mean it in the nice way)

Then shit starts getting serious when you start wearing masks and acting like ninjas…
when really, you're just going to have to do spring cleaning, which is a form of horror all by itself. 

 A personal fear: clearing my wardrobe.
I do this twice a year, and it never fails to amaze me. I have no idea how it fills itself to the brim so quickly… Hm.

… and through it all you probably find some things you've forgotten about 

 … threw out a pile of clothes

 … and probably wonder what made you decide to ever buy that pair of neon green shorts you've never worn

 Then once in awhile, some of us get our curtains changed… PINK! (Actually, I really wanted to squeal at the Adam Levine poster above my bed, but it kind of spoils my image)

As the date draws in, those of us on tight budgets start doing our nails
Mine are painted using nail polishes from Play by Etude House (Bought in Korea) 

Usually girls take a really LONGGGGG time doing our makeup, but that day was an exception for me, so I had time to snap some selfies.

 (Random photo between shots with my cousie)

 For the vain ones, like moi, photos and photos and more photos are taken when you're bored out of your minds while visiting someone else's house… or when you're traveling to the next location.

 Even after long days of visiting, the nights are not yours alone.
I had to visit my grandparents at night too, not that it was a bore. I actually love spending time with my family (direct relatives included).

 Its then only right that we do this thing called 'Lou Hei'.
With some vegetables already in the plate, you are then supposed to add each ingredient outside the plate while saying a wish (that is specific to each ingredient - thank god we had that paper to guide us, cos most of us don't actually remember all the wishes)
Then, the mess begins as you toss everything while saying well wishes. It's said that the higher you toss, the more likely it'll come true.

One last thing. We gamble. My family plays Black Jack, but the game varies from family to family I guess.

Fun fact: Lou Hei was invented by Singaporean chefs. Who knew?

Oh. One more thing. CNY is the best time for any shopaholic. Why? Because, we can shop for more clothes without anyone judging us since we actually need new clothes to wear on Chinese New Year. Can you imagine how much I've bought? Especially after all the red packets I've gotten.

Which brings me to the next best thing. RED PACKETS. For a shopaholic in school, my funds are limited, which is why I love it when CNY comes along, because I get extra $$$. It's customary for those who are married to give the rest red packets (with money inside), so imagine the additional allowance I get each time CNY comes. Shopping spree anyone?

Just a little but on how my family prepares and celebrates CNY
Till next time my darlings


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