Thursday, February 20, 2014

대구 (read: Daegu) without the bustle of the city (Korea Trip 2013)

Since Google has so kindly done up a collage for me, this shall be the first picture.

Saying goodbye to Jeju before we catch a domestic flight over to Daegu. 

Lanterns in 동화사 (read Donghwa-sa) where temple-goers write their wishes

With the eye-catching colors you'll find in 동화사 (read Donghwa-sa, also known as Donghwa temple), it really doesn't matter what religion you believe in.
The beauty of bright colors should always be appreciated.

The best thing about the place, however, would definitely be the beauty in natural scenery and streets without hoards of people walking along them.

 With moi, being moi, I can never take enough selfles. In fact, this is probably one of the rare times you'll catch me in my reflective gray shades.

Counting the number of steps as we left. 1, 2… 90! (I think!) 

Lunch was beancurd soup and seafood pancake. While I love barbecued meat, something lighter is definitely a refreshing change

Finally, one of the marks to show that you're in S.Korea! Enjoying the rest of the day in the Sauna~ 
Not many photos here cos I ran off into a hotter room later on (and didn't dare bring an electrical device in with me)

After sweating it out, we had a HUGE feast! Definitely the most sumptuous meal in the entire trip! OM NOM NOM~

It has been my first time in a temple in a really, really long time (I probably went once with my grandma when I was still a kid and never went again). While it's not my religious standpoint, the Donghwa temple is really strikingly different from any Singaporean temple. Probably because of the amazing scenery that accompanies the temple.

While we didn't spend long there, we did spend some time in the sauna later in the day. HEHE

Numerous korean dramas have shown characters visiting (or staying) in the saunas around Korea, and the saunas in Korea have probably become a signifying trait of the country thanks to this.

Dream High shot in a Sauna

While it could get boring with the wrong company, some may get a shock - or an eye opener - when you visit the changing rooms, with nude women (or nude men for guys) strolling around without a care.  My mom definitely got a shock that threw me into fits of laughter. This is not for the conservative and faint-hearted. If I had to go in there 3 years ago, I probably would have been just as appalled, but thank God those days have passed.

I'd love to say more, but this is goodbye, for now. (More posts coming soon)


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