Sunday, February 9, 2014

Exploring the Teddy Bear Safari (Korea Trip 2013)

I'm sorry this post took so long. While I don't have a good excuse or reason for being away, hope you'll enjoy it! (and I promise to keep my presence here as often as I can)

 Teddy Bears! Who doesn't like teddy bears?! I told my brother this when we were there and I'll say it again. I wish I could steal the soft toys back home and keep them all for myself! <3

 I think the bear got the cooler bike... Damn.

 Of course, the closet singer has to giver herself a chance to perform in public... With the bears.

 Modeled after the Greek Goddess, Hera, this teddy bear is simply beautiful.

 And I couldn't resist not taking selfies along the way...

My first proposal. You can tell I was shocked by how sudden it was.
ps. I said yes. but he left me. :(

 And once again, I'm caught practicing my Korean as I buy another plate of ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) for my family.

 용두암. The Yongduam Rock, also known as the Dragon Head Rock.
It's associated with some legend that I can't recall. Basically, this dragon decided to spend time on Earth, and is seen trying to fly back to the Heavens. If you look hard enough, you;ll see the dragon's head facing the sky.


Dinner: Spicy Seafood Soup (With Abalone - 4/5 whole pieces), Seafood pancake, Saba fish and side dishes. They are so amazingly generous with the seafood portion! Especially the abalone! YUM.

While the Teddy Bear Safari brightens the day by bringing out the kid in me, I must say the highlight of my time in Jeju is during the ATV ride. My first time on an ATV and I loved it! Of course, being a beginner, the people there kept shouting at me to brake or slow down... It's not my fault I ended up behind some slow woman driver all the time. Psh.

Jeju is known for their 해녀 (sea women). These sea women are divers who search the waters for abalone and other seafood. They are said to have amazing bodies... and are often above the age of 65. (Got you there did I? Heh.) They hold their breaths underwater for 3 minutes or more, and their lungs emit a sound when they resurface for air. This is also known as the call of the sea women. It's so fascinating what women can do to survive in the absence of men (young girls did this to ensure their families could survive because most of the men were captured and used in war), but it's also saddening how this heritage could be lost since little/no young women would choose this line of work nowadays.

Next post: 대구 (Read as: Daegu)

xoxo pamela

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