Sunday, January 5, 2014


I don't like making resolutions. Mostly because they remind me of the many I've forgotten about and forsaken as the year goes by. But this year, let's just say I have some resolutions for myself...

1. Continue to be an amazing friend
I'll admit beforehand. I'll go missing, I'll have days where I don't wanna talk and I'll still be a pain in your ass. BUT, I want to continue to be the amazing friend I have been to you over the next year. Especially you D. I'll continue to push you into losing the bet (you WILL lose. hehe.), I'll forget to reply your messages, I'll nag and whine to you, but I promise I'll always be there for you when you need me my darling BFF.

I haven't been a very good friend in 2013. But I'll continue to be amazing to those who deserve it.

2. Read 500 books
This is the one resolution that scares me. I made it, and yet I'm still at ZERO on my count. Time to get cracking.

This resolution is here to remind me to read, read and read. Not just re-read. Be it romances or paranormal, there is so much to mine from books. I can't imagine the amount of general knowledge I've gotten from reading over the years and I continue to love reading.

With only two days of school and work the rest of the year, I'm setting a big goal for myself this time.

3. Exercise at least ONCE a week
HAHAHA. Being busy is the biggest excuse I have when it comes to exercising. The best workout I've given myself is probably when I go out shopping. I know, I know, NOT exercising is not a recipe for health, which is why I'm changing. When you start, you start small right? So I'm telling myself I'm going to exercise at least once a week regardless of the situation. (Unless I'm so gravely sick I can't exercise)

I'm already in my 20s. Figured it's time exercise came into the picture. And eventually, eating healthy.

So those are my 3 biggest resolutions. See. Reasonable-ish. Well, I'm not out making some huge statement on losing weight or getting my driver's license (which I still do not own) since some of them look stupid if I don't achieve them. So here you go.

happy new year darlings.
xoxo pamela

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