Friday, January 10, 2014

창덕궁 (Read: chang-deok-gung) (Korea Trip 2013)

For some bizarre reason, Google has decided it is good to add falling snow to this photo. I have no idea how this even happened.

When in Korea, you can't deny the beautifully crafted architecture of their palaces...

 Even the doors and locks are pretty!!

The Cold Palace. The love story associated with this palace is amazing. Who would have thought that an emperor would choose to remain without an heir because he simply loved the palace maid who was exiled here and refused to be with any other woman. <3

 Yes, Google has put it's voodoo on this picture as well...

 That's my brother! In case anyone's wondering...

I simply couldn't resist taking selfies with the snow in the background! I think it makes all selfies look AMAZING! And while my Cassadee Pope-esque streaks of bright red only lasted the Korea trip (they're this orange-y color right now), I must say I love how bright they really looked under the sun!

There are SOOO many things I can tell you about this place because the Korean tour guide shared so much about this palace. Like the bridges, the animal statues and the different gates and their representations, but I think if I do so, this post would become some sort of post with all sorts of Korean history... (plus it would be too lengthy)

That's all I have for now! Till next time...

xoxo pamela

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