Monday, December 24, 2012

US2012: The Home Away from Home. (Part 1)

Been back since 20 December but I've been procrastinating. At least I finally got my lazy ass off my bed and to my laptop to blog.

The US Trip was... enlightening.
Like what the title says, I felt the odd sense of being at home when I was in the US. It's a completely different setting, different environment, different people, DIFFERENT COUNTRY!! And yet... there's this odd sense of belonging. For once, I felt as if I truly belonged.

There were so many things I picked up from the trip that I can't tell you in one post so I'll my US story to you in a series of posts. All you have to do is search 'USA2012' under the labels in my blog!

Since today's Christmas Eve, I'll post one up later. (this is just the starter!)

Have a great, awesome, rockin' Christmas you all!

xoxo pamela

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