Friday, July 25, 2014

USA 2014: A Carrie Bradshaw-esque First Step into Manhattan

My first step into Manhattan was probably like how I'd imagine Carrie Bradshaw's would have been: Awestruck at the beauty, charm and life of New York City.

Even from my first night out in Times Square, New York City oozed with life and charm. It's almost as if the city was truly alive. Within the first ten minutes in Times Square, I probably told myself 'What I'd give to live here...' at least twenty times.

As I write this post, my brain's saying What I'd give to go back there all over again.

That's what New York City will do to you I guess. While you're blinded by the lights in Times Square, the city has inadvertently trapped you with it's beauty.

I know it sounds cheesy, but, I'm hooked.

Disclaimer: All posts on my USA trip will be heavily filled with photos. Just so you know.

xoxo pamela

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