Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Hong Kong Diaries: Round and Round We Went

Dinner. Not too bad.

Dessert (NOT at where we had dinner)! I LOVED dessert! hehehe.

I did not include 1 day in my trip because we spent the day shopping and playing in our hotel, AND didn't take pictures. So this was kind of our last day in Hong Kong (excluding our morning flight home).

and yes, we spent it at Ocean Park.
As compared to almost 3 years ago, I would say they have indeed revamped parts of the place, and there are now more roller coasters for theme park lovers. BUT, I'd have to warn you that none of the roller coasters scared the dickens out of me.

Like Disneyland, the queues were so short that we did not have to queue for quite a number of rides. So, we ended up sitting everything we wanted to sit. Bad thing, though, is that so many of their rides go round and round (and round), so I was a little dizzy at the end of the day.

Nonetheless, being someone who LOVES theme parks and rides, I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Ocean Park (albeit some underwhelming rides). 

xoxo pamela

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