Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hard Rock Grunge

The instant I got my wide brimmed fedora, I had the dying urge to piece an outfit that was entirely black. It's as if the fedora, gothic cross suspender tights and sunglasses really added to the black outfit, giving it a really witchy feel to it.

In my opinion, I felt that it was something that really crossed between rock and witch. But really, above all that, I felt that another important element is my hair. I felt that my hair was one of the few things that really brought more color into the outfit so this look didn't turn out too dull.

PS. Yes I'm super happy about how I managed to get all my pictures to be of the same width. YAY for me!

In this look:
Wide brimmed fedora from H&M (see here)
Round sunglasses from ASOS
Long black blazer from Forever 21
Studded Tee from Hard Rock Cafe L.A.
Shorts from ASOS
Gothic cross suspender tights from ASOS (see here)
Boots from NineWest
Assorted accessories from Lovisa

xoxo pamela

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