Monday, December 9, 2013

Movie Review: The Hunger Games - Catching Fire

I contemplated sleeping... then I decided I just HAD to blog about this movie I caught over the weekend.

Before you say anything, I did not manage to catch the movie in its opening week because of my finals, and I did not read the books, so I'm not exactly a biased source when it comes to this review considering how I am was not joining the craze back when the first movie came out.

The Hunger Games was good. Hell, it was one of the movies that brought Jennifer Lawrence into the arena of devastatingly charming and beautiful stars we can't ignore and simply adore. However, Catching Fire is really the movie that sold me on the entire Hunger Games Trilogy. The movie is THAT good.

Some notable moments that really left a big impression on me:

This outfit. I simply adore Jennifer Lawrence (or Katniss Everdeen) in this outfit. When I saw it, I was immediately in lust with it. Then the fire came on. Damn, I loved how the fire started from her chest and trailed to the ends of the dress. It was really good work with the effects, and I absolutely loved it. Plus the reason why the fire came on at the specific moment.

While everyone was falling in love with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, I was totally digging how hot Sam Claflin looked as he played Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. Who wouldn't? Good looks, devastating bod...
I mean, tell me if you can resist such delicious hotness? I know I can't.

Another scene that really caught my attention is when this dress appeared. To save you from me and my bad behavior of giving spoilers, I'm going to let those of you who haven't seen it go figure it out yourselves. Hint: There's a reason why she's called the Girl on Fire

Amazing scenes aside, Catching Fire adds a lot more depth and meaning into the story, drawing you to the multiple dimensions of the film, providing you more insight into some characters, as well as giving you so much more room to think of the depth and meanings of the various scenes both during and after the film. (but it may just be my movie buff self who's so intrigued)

I particularly like how the movie emphasized so much on hope of the people, and how it can ultimately lead to great things, as well as the part where you see the tributes of such different personalities work together to eliminate the competition. These things just add so much more meaning to the film, and its really up to you how you decide to interpret these aspects. I know I have been thinking all weekend and I still feel as if I am only scratching the surface of it. Thank god I'm on holiday so I do have the luxury of spending my days thinking.

Seeing that I've said quite a bit, here's what I think of Catching Fire:

Never thought I'd rate a movie as high as this, but I really just did. (I just checked. I rated Oz a 5, but considering so much time has passed, I'd say this rating means more of a 'YOU NEED TO WATCH IT 10 TIMES MORE THAN OZ' kind of rating. Not that I don't love Oz, but... times change)

If you do decide to watch Catching Fire, I'd say the best part comes at the end. Which is probably why I have not been finding pictures to justify it, because you just have to see it for yourself. And for those book fans who are afraid of disappointment (that always seems to happen), my friend did say he wasn't disappointed with the film and he really liked it.

Well, for all of you who have caught this movie, do tell me what you think! I know I absolutely loved loved LOVED it, and I'm definitely sold on the Hunger Games now that I've watched Catching Fire!

xoxo pamela

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